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New DUNEX Logistics survey

Please fill out this logistics survey by December 31, 2019 if you plan to participate in the main DUring Nearshore Event Experiment (DUNEX), from August 2020 - March 2021. The information requested below will help DUNEX coordinators prepare for and facilitate DUNEX research and data collection efforts in 2020 - 2021. 

DUNEX (DUring Nearshore Event eXperiment)

A collaborative community experiment


DUNEX is a multi-agency, -academic and -stakeholder collaborative community experiment to study nearshore processes during coastal storms. The multi-phase experiment, taking place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, began with a Fall 2019 pilot study, followed by the full experiment Fall 2020 through Winter 2021.  See the Fact Sheet below for more on the experiment timeline and plans.  Check out our Flickr site for selected photos from the DUNEX pilot! 



By collaborating and leveraging research efforts from different groups to collect and analyze data from the same region prior to, during, and following coastal storms, DUNEX aims to improve the basic understanding, predictive capabilities, and observational technologies for extreme storm processes and impacts within the coastal environment



In addition to advancing the science, DUNEX will foster coastal community collaboration. By improving communication between scientists and the coastal community at large, DUNEX will facilitate the translation of scientific research into its use and application.