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Welcome to the U.S. Coastal Research Program

A National coastal effort to coordinate Federal activities, strengthen academic programs, and build a skilled workforce.  

Building a U.S. Coastal Research Program

Motivation and Goal

Recognizing the growing need for a coordinated, National science plan to address societal needs along the coast, a community of researchers from Federal agencies, academia, industry, and NGOs developed a sustained and coordinated U.S. Coastal Research Program (USCRP)

Identify Future Directions

In March 2014, academic and Federal coastal researchers convened the Future of Nearshore Processes Workshop to develop a research vision that addresses societally-relevant science challenges. The resulting Nearshore Report outlined research priorities as well as recommendations for achieving the shared vision.  By 2016, nine federal agencies had agreed to collaborate to implement the recommendations including the development of a National coastal program.

The U.S. Nearshore Community Integrated Research Implementation Plan

A National Coastal Science Plan

To better understand and demonstrate the current commitment to coastal research in the US, over 260 Federal and non-federal, ongoing coastal science projects were identified, inventoried and categorized.  Existing and potential collaborations, as well as areas of societal interest where science is needed, were showcased in the National Plan. It also includes 11 research and infrastructure investment recommendations.

Ongoing Efforts

Dr. Raubenheimer speaking to coastal researchers at the 1st Nat'l Nearshore Collaboration Workshop.

Building Collaborative Research

To foster additional collaborations, the USCRP hosted the 1st National Nearshore Collaboration Workshop in December 2016, where 14 multi-agency collaborative projects were conceived based on topics and concepts identified in the Nearshore Report and the National Plan. These collaborative projects improve the impact and demonstrate the value of agency investments, including funding of academic collaborators.  

Storm Processes and Impacts Workshop

Save the Date: April 16-18, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL (Hilton St. Pete Bayfront)

This workshop will convene coastal stakeholders across all sectors - academics, government, industry, NGOs - to understand our present capabilities for modeling storm processes, forecasting impacts, and determine/prioritize where advancements are needed. There will be a subsequent call for proposals, funded by the participating federal agencies, for research projects that focus on addressing challenges and topics identified in the meeting.

Registration and reservation deadline is March 15, 2018

2015 Workshop

A national workshop on dune management that brought together managers and researchers to communicate the challenges of dune management.  The workshop resulted in the award of over $260,000 in research funding for graduate student research.

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