2020 Awards Information


2020 Call for Proposals

In 2020, the USCRP intends to provide funds for competitive academic proposals addressing the topics described below. Academic proposals should align with or support federal research priorities to address critical research needs within the coastal community and advance the state of knowledge. These academic awards will also fund graduate students to help build the future U.S. coastal workforce.

Virtual Workshops: TBD

Virtual workshops have been delayed due to uncertainties in federal budget and will be rescheduled once budget is passed.


To inform potential academic proposers, USCRP will host two virtual workshops for agencies to communicate their high priority coastal research and development activities and identify knowledge gaps. The focus of this funding opportunity is on two of the three broad research themes identified in the Nearshore Report:   

  • Long-term processes and coastal response (sea level changes; future storms; sediment supplies; land use changes), and 
  • Biological or chemical interactions with the physical processes that influence the ability of estuarine ecosystems to provide 1) storm protection, 2) economic benefit (fisheries, tourism), and/or 3) critical habitat.

If interested in a particular topical area, academic researchers should plan to attend the virtual workshops, identify federal collaborators, and engage in discussions prior to submitting for this funding opportunity. 

Proposal Submittal Process

Following passage of the Federal budget, USCRP will advertise two Requests for Statements of Interest (rSOI) through the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Units (CESU) Network. The exact timing of the rSOI and potential funding amount are uncertain due to dependence on the Federal budget process.

In order to compete for funding, applicants will need to submit a two-part proposal consisting of:

1) Two-page Statement of Interest describing experience and qualifications through the CESU Network, and

2) Five-page research proposal describing the planned work to ASBPA.


Proposal packages will be due approximately 30 days after the CESU posting.  Details of proposal package requirements will be discussed during the webinar, posted on this page, and distributed to the USCRP members' mailing list as they become available. Please join as a member here

Additional Information

Details on the 2020 Call for Proposals will be posted at here as they become available. 

2020 Call for Academics Award Flyer

USCRP Research Awards Flyer_2020-update (pdf)