Storm Processes and Impacts Workshop



April 16-18, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL (Hilton St. Pete Bayfront)

This workshop convened coastal stakeholders across all sectors - academics, government, industry, NGOs - to understand our present capabilities for modeling storm processes, forecasting impacts, and determine/prioritize where advancements are needed. A subsequent call for proposals, resulted in $550,000 from the participating federal agencies to support graduate student research projects that focus on addressing challenges and topics identified in the meeting.

A workshop report has been published in Shore & Beach and can be downloaded directly from the link below.

Download Workshop Report here!


Authors: Nicole Elko, Casey Dietrich, Mary Cialone, Hilary Stockdon, Matt W. Bilskie, Brandon Boyd, Bianca Charbonneau, Dan Cox, Kendra Dresback, Steve Elgar, Tori Tomiczek, Amanda Lewis, Patrick Limber, Joe Long, Chris Massey, Talea Mayo, Kathryn McIntosh, Norberto Nadal, Britt Raubenheimer, and Anna Wargula.

2019. Advancing the understanding of storm processes and impacts, Shore and Beach, 87(1): 37-51.